International Association of Hepatitis Task Forces


What we do

International Association of Hepatitis Task Forces (IAHTF) provides support, networking for developing, and existing community organizations that include a focus on viral hepatitis, reinforcing local efforts for better access to care for those affected and deliver greater tools to encourage the medical and scientific community throughout the world.

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Who we are

We are a global collaboration of community organizations on all continents of the globe. We are concerned citizens, doctors, policy makers and patient advocates looking for solutions to the looming, global healthcare crisis - viral hepatitis. We support the World Health Organization's goal to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030. Our vision to bring resources to support local communities while building a voice to rally unity for those efforts and utilizing the latest technology for sharing information, communication of ideas and strategies on viral hepatitis elimination.
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hepatitis c organization

Innovation & Research

Research tells us the keys to eradicating hepatitis are:

  • Develop of a vaccine for hepatitis
  • Target ccc DNA (in a roll over, explain ccc DNA: "ccc DNA is a covalently closed circular DNA that arises during the propagation of hepatitis B which may remain permanently in the infected patient. The most effective way to prevent reinfection and ensure the patient clears the virus is to destroy the ccc DNA")
  • Prevent the spread of hepatitis
  • Strengthen the publicity of vaccination, educate the primary care physicians and increase financial resources for screening and testing
  • Make antiviral therapy affordable and accessible to all

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hepatitis c organization

Making Viral Hepatitis Elimination Happen

Our partnerships with Task Forces around the world are working together to eliminate viral hepatitis. Research in the last ten years has realized major breakthroughs in the development of new treatments and vaccines to prevent acute and chronic hepatitis infection. However, we have so much more work to do to eliminate viral hepatitis globally by 2030. We can only achieve that goal by working in concert, sharing our successes and failures, each one of us adding a small puzzle piece to the big picture that will result in the total eradication of viral hepatitis. Find out to become part of the solution.

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257 million people were living with chronic HBV infection 71 million people with chronic HCV infection

Together we can change the worldwide landscape and save lives by organizing patients and their loved ones to advocate for better access to healthcare and cures for viral hepatitis. Your contribution will help us reach our goal of getting everyone worldwide living with viral hepatitis cured.